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Court Vindicates Homeschooling

(August 8, 2008)

Private & Home Educators of California
Roy Hanson, Jr. - Director

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JOINT NEWSFLASH – August 8, 2008
From: Roy Hanson's Private and Home Educators of California and Christian Home Educators Association of California
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We praise God for the great victory He has given us today!

Homeschooling Remains Legal!

The California Court of Appeal, in their unanimous opinion today, said, "California statutes permit home schooling as a species of private school education."

This ruling specifically overruled the Turner (1953) and Shinn (1961) cases, which gave private homeschooling families problems in the past.

Our prior concern about "independent study programs" (ISP) was confirmed when the court also stated, "It is apparent, however, that independent study is permissible only when offered by the public school system and supervised by a certificated teacher." [emphasis in original] Therefore, we continue to strongly recommend that each private school program, where one Private School Affidavit is filed for multiple homeschooling families, refer to their program as a "private school satellite program" (PSP). Please read our notice about this at or

We are thankful for the relationship among the five homeschool groups, Private and Home Educators of California (part of FPM), Christian Home Educators Association of California, California Homeschool Network, HomeSchool Association of California, and Home School Legal Defense Association, that have been working on a statewide basis to support private homeschooling. We are also very grateful for the all of the attorneys involved in this case who have work so hard to protect private homeschooling in California.

Read Full August 8 Court Decision Here

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